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Building a foundation to last - one block at a time

Greg Olson, President
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My name is Greg Olson and I am the president of Blockbarns.com.  I have been involved in the concrete and masonry business for over 30 years -- building and remodeling residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.  I have come to appreciate the benefits of this building material and I am convinced that it is ideal for a horse barn.

Now, I come at this not just from being a builder, but being a quarterhorse enthusiast.  I grew up looking after horses and continue to be a small breeder today.  I have seen the limitations of poleshed and wood barns and I know the significant investment in my horses clearly outweighs any compromise in barn materials.

Block Barn in Minnesota
Interior of Block Barn

Blockbarns.com services include:
  • New Construction of block barns
  • Remodelling of existing barns
  • Stall & Other Barn Fixtures Installation Upon Request



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