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Why a block barn?

Now a barn may not last forever, but it should last several lifetimes.  There are many choices to make when building a barn: contractor, size, layout, materials.  One choice which is fairly straight forward is the material choice.  Concrete blocks in almost every respect is the best choice, giving the horse owner peace of mind.


Block barns also allow for a full range of color and finish options, which allows the barn to be not only functional but blend with the architectural look and detail of the overall property.

Cost of Barn Ownership?


Many people make the mistake of looking at the cost of a new barn as just the build cost.  However, there are many other factors that can be even more important, such as insurance, repair cost, maintenance cost, etc.

Generally speaking, wood and poleshed barns both have lower initial costs.  However, these types of barns have: (1) higher insurance rates, (2) increased pest control costs, and (3) shorter lifespans.  So, if you consider the “total” cost of ownership, block barns is not only a better barn, but cost effective as well.